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Elegant Frameless Glass Balustrades Melbourne

Glass Balustrade MelbourneUpdate your home with seamless modern design from Hakea. No material says sleek modernism in quite the way glass does. Traditionally, pool or balcony balustrades are dark, heavy architectural features which closed down the space. The advantage of a glass balustrade, whether around your pool or balcony, is that it will bring a sense of light and space to the area it encloses. Choosing a frameless balustrade further enhances this effect.

Why Choose Hakea Glass?

For over 50 years, Hakea Glass has some of the premier glazier services in Melbourne. Offering a dynamic range of capabilities we can install, repair and replace an enormous range of glass products in both commercial and residential properties across the city. We’ve distinguished ourselves amongst other trades and clients alike for offering an unprecedented level of workmanship that simply cannot be surpassed.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should elect to have a frameless glass balustrade installed by Hakea in Melbourne:


We pride ourselves on quality products and processes we work with. Our balcony or pool balustrade installation in Melbourne is done using premium glass and installation methods.


We are honest, upfront, and hardworking. At Hakea, we stand by our word, so if we say we can do something within a certain timeframe, or to a certain standard, that is exactly what we will do.


As an established business, we have many decades of industry experience behind us. All of our staff are dedicated glass professionals who rank amongst the best in the industry.

In addition to frameless pool or balcony glass balustrade installation in Melbourne, we offer a range of other repair and replacement services for both commercial and residential properties. Our capabilities encompass a range of glass products including commercial glass, splash backs, mirrors, table tops, shower screens, and emergency glass repair. For more information on any of our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact Hakea on 03 9338 8333.