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Professional Glass Table Top Replacement Melbourne

Get the perfect professional finish with Hakea. The sound of glass breaking is one of those noises that make you cringe, it’s never a good thing. Luckily, once the damage is done, there is a quick and painless way to get a replacement with Hakea. We offer glass table top and coffee table replacement throughout Melbourne. So whether a game of indoor cricket has gone awry or and overenthusiastic pet has managed to upturn your coffee table, Hakea are here to help. We’ll remove the damaged glass and replace the table top with a custom replacement that’s been made to measure.

For over 50 Years, Hakea Glass has been providing Melbourne with peerless glazier services that consistently exceed the industry standard. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, affordable services to both commercial and residential properties throughout the city. At Hakea, our word is our bond, so if we say something will be done in a certain timeframe, to a certain quality, or for a certain price, that is exactly what we will deliver.


Leadlight Replacement

In addition to our coffee table and glass table top replacement services in Melbourne, we also offer leadlight replacement. Leadlights are beautiful, but they aren’t to everyone’s taste and the coloured glass will darken a room, making it seem smaller. In a similar way to how we remove a damaged table top, we can remove leadlight windows and replace them with traditional window glass.

For more information on our glass table top and leadlight replacement services in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact Hakea on 03 9338 8333. We service a wide range of glass products including balustrades, table tops, commercial glass, splash backs, mirrors, shower screens, and emergency glass repair.